Van Leeuwenhoekpark

Contact: Marjolein Pijpers-van Esch

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On top of the roof of Delft’s new train tunnel a new city park will be realized: the Van Leeuwenhoekpark. The park – about 600 meters long and 40 meters wide, in the centre of the city – is to be innovative, smart and sustainable.

One of the main requirements for the park is that it will be climate resistant; minimizing heat stress and preventing water problems – in the park itself, but also in its surroundings.

The Urban Metabolism Research Group helps making the park climate resistant, by giving design advice regarding types and locations of vegetation, watercourses, ponds, materialization, height differences, furniture, shading, etc. Furthermore, we will model the microclimate and its components, and monitor the microclimate before, during and after realization of the park with a network of weather stations.

Schetsimpressie Citylounge_Nieuw Delft


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