Urban Waste

UrBAN WASTE – Urban Strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities

Contact: Dominic Stead

In the UrBAN-WASTE project, strategies will be developed with the aim of reducing the amount of municipal waste production and supporting the re-use, recycling, collection and disposal of waste in tourist cities. The UrBAN-WASTE project adopts and applies the urban metabolism approach to promote ways of switching to a model where waste is considered as resource and integrated in urban flows.

As part of the UrBAN-WASTE project, the urban metabolism of 11 pilot cities will be analysed. In parallel a participatory process involving all the relevant stakeholders will be set up through a mobilization and mutual learning action plan. These inputs will be integrated in the strategies along with a review of the most innovative existing technologies and practices in the field of waste management and prevention. Strategies will then be implemented in the 11 cities and the results will be monitored and disseminated facilitating the transfer and adaptation of the project outcomes in other cases.


Project description:
http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/203275_en.html (EN)
http://consulta-europa.com/portfolio/urban-waste/ (ES)
Project website

  • Horizon 2020 project, starting March 2016
  • Seasonal tourist flow and waste
  • 11 pilot cities