Prof. A. van Timmeren


Prof. Arjan van Timmeren

Arjan van Timmeren chairs the Environmental Technology & Design group, and is formal leader of the Urban Metabolism graduation and research theme.
Besides of that he is Scientific Director of the AMS Institute.

In his work he focuses on the integration of the concept of sustainable development in the built environment, centred on applied technology in urban themes such as water, energy, waste, food, data and mobility, and the integration of these themes in both practice and academia.

His research involves environmental technology & innovation, industrial ecology, urban metabolism, sustainable area development, CE and self-sufficiency. In particular the question(s) related to scale of implementation as well as the role of use(rs) and natural technologies. He is involved in many research projects and projects in practice varying from individual (clusters of) buildings, to large ‘climate neutral’ city districts, as well as design and integration of related infrastructures and city planning and development as a whole (in particular related to ‘essential flows’ in cities like the water/sanitation, food/nutrients and waste, energy, and people/matter and data).

Due to his limited amount of available time, as graduation mentor, Arjan van Timmeren will only be available for a limited amount of graduees as a 2nd mentor, and only based upon nomination by the UM mentors.

Smart Cities /Urban Metabolism /infrastructure /energy /sanitation /water /food /waste /design /CE/use(rs)

REPAiR, GreenBlueCities, Spacergy, DC-Smart grids, Acoustic Design and Additive Manufacturing, CityZen, Climate KIC Sustainable City Systems, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Park, TruLife, Delft Global Research Offgrid project, SMART2
… and several more.

Key publications
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