Ir. K.P.M. Aalbers

foto kristel aalbers

Ir. Kristel Aalbers

Kristel Aalbers Msc (chair of Environmental Technology & Design) is specialized in sustainable urban planning and architecture with a focus on water. In her part time job as senior advisor urban planning at the water board of Delfland, she concerns herself with the (spatial) integration of surface water in urban plans for newly built developments and in-town renewals; focusing on the quantity and the quality of water.

In her previous job as urban planner for the city of Delft, Kristel was one of the founders of the spatial water structure plan for the city, the ecology structure plan and the local traffic plan.

As graduation mentor, Kristel is interested in projects, which include an analytic and systematic approach on water issues in the city as a basis for designing possible solutions on regional, city, neighbourhood or street scale, resulting in a specific design or a toolbox.

This could for example include:

  • Approaches to create a merger of interest; creating a water proof or even climate proof area while meeting the needs of a varied group of stakeholders
  • Future scenarios for water proof cities or neighbourhoods

Departure: Green Blue structures / grids
Related: Water, Energy,  climate adaptation, spatial policies]

Delta programme spatial adaptation (Deltaprogramma Ruimtelijke Adaptatie):

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