Dr. Ir. S. Nijhuis


Dr. Ing. Steffen Nijhuis


He is Director of Landscape Architecture Research Program and Coordinator of the Graduation Studio Landscape Architecture. He is an expert in landscape architecture research and design, green blue infrastructures, landscape-based regional design approaches to urban development, polder and delta landscapes and GIS-applications in landscape planning and design.

Next to being Series Editor of the Research in Urbanism Series and Advisor to NGO’s, governmental and regional authorities, he is member of scientific committees and review boards, and guest lecturer at several international universities. Furthermore he coordinates the international Landscape Architecture MSc-Graduation studio and is supervisor of MSc and PhD graduation projects.

His publications include: GIS-based landscape design research (A+BE, 2015), Flowscapes: Designing infrastructure as landscape (TUD, 2015), Urbanized deltas in transition (Techne press, 2014) and Exploring the visual landscape (IOS press, 2011).

Landscape infrastructures / Landscape-based regional design approaches to urban development / GIS-based Landscape Design / Mapping and explorative cartography

See for an up to date overview of research and publications: http://homepage.tudelft.nl/s8t3t

Key publications
GIS-based landscape design research: Stourhead  landscape garden as a case study (Nijhuis, S, 2015)

Urban landscape infrastructures. Designing operative landscape structures for the built environment.
Nijhuis, S, & Jauslin, D (2015) Research In Urbanism Series, 3(1), 13-34. DOI:10.7480/rius.3.874

Flowscapes. Designing infrastructure as landscape.
Nijhuis, S, Jauslin, D van & Hoeven, FD van der (eds.) (2015) Delft: TU Delft (ISBN 978-94-6186-472-7)

GIS-based landscape design research: Exploring aspects of visibility in landscape architectonic compositions
Nijhuis, S (2014) in: Lee, DJ, Dias, E & Scholten, H (eds.), Geodesign by Integrating Design and Geospatial Sciences, GeoJournal Library 111, 193-217. Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-08299-8_13

Mapping urbanized deltas
Nijhuis, S & Pouderoijen, MT (2014) in: Meyer, H & Nijhuis, S (eds.) Urbanized deltas in transition. Amsterdam: Techne Press, 10-22

New Tools. Digital media in landscape architecture
Nijhuis, S. (2013) in: Vlug, J. et al. (eds.) The need for design. Exploring Dutch landscape architecture. Velp, Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences, 86-97