Dr. Ir. K. Mulder

Karel Mulder

Dr. Ir. K.F. Mulder


Karel Mulder is specialised in strategies for sustainable innovation. Urban symbiosis is an interesting option to enhance the performance of the urban metabolic system. However, urban systems are heavily locked in, and therefore innovate very slowly. Involvement of new actors, like active citizen groups might create scope for innovation. Scenario workshop and backcasting might contribute to the expertise of all stakeholders and to joint future visions. Karel Mulder is also a Lektor at The Hague University of Applied Science (HHS).

As graduation mentor, Karel is especially interested in developing process approaches that could guide urban systems to Sustainable Development. Involving stakeholders in the process is of key importance. Innovation in waste systems, wastewater systems, energy system, heating systems and innovations between those systems are his favourites.

Sustainable Urban Innovation Strategy, Stakeholder involvement, Infrastructure innovation, Scenario Workshops, Technology Assessment

Innovation in sewage systems (HHS)
Future intelligent Domestic Energy Systems (HHS)
Drinking water for refugees (HHS)