Dr. D Stead


Dr. Dominic Stead

Dr. Dominic Stead


Dominic is associate professor of urban and regional development in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology where he belongs to the OTB Research and Spatial Planning and Strategy groups.

He has a strong interdisciplinary background: a Doctorate in Planning Studies, a Masters degree in Town and Country Planning and a Masters degree in Environmental Science. His research and teaching focus on processes of policy-making, particularly related to urban and regional planning, transport policy and sustainability.

Dominic is currently involved in a large European project on urban waste management in cities which experience high levels of tourism. The UrBAN WASTE project aims to identify and develop new strategies to reduce the amount of municipal waste production and support the re-use, recycling, collection and disposal of waste in tourist cities (see below).

As graduation mentor, Dominic is particularly interested in projects which can make an empirical or conceptual contribution to the UrBAN WASTE project by for example exploring the connection between physical urban form/design and individuals’ waste disposal behaviour. He is also interested in supervising projects which explore the implications of concepts like urban metabolism or urban resilience for urban policy or urban form.

Waste management; Policy Making; Spatial Planning; Tourism; Urban form; Urban governance; Policy transfer; Urban metabolism; Urban resilience.

UrBAN WASTE (Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities)

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