Dipl.-Ing U.D. Hackauf

Ulf Hackauf

Ulf Hackauf

Dipl.-Ing. Ulf Hackauf


Ulf Hackauf is interested in how urban design can support a circular urban metabolism. Which spatial interventions help to accommodate the reuse of resources and cascading systems for water, energy and nutrients? Which scale is required to actually affect the city’s metabolism?

In his work, Ulf uses a parametric urban design approach to explore the effects of such spatial interventions on the city: their requirements, limitations and potentials. This approach is a continuation of Ulf’s previous work for The Why Factory (www.thewhyfactory.com), where he combined systematic spatial design with scenario making and visionary studies. He hereby developed a special interest in urban food production and consumption.

As graduation mentor, Ulf is interested in projects, which include a systematic, parametric exploration of one or more quantifiable flows. This could for example include:

  • Maximising cascading re-use of household water on different scales, from block to region.
  • Connecting nutrient waste flows and excess heat in urban food production
  • Future scenarios on renewable energy cities

Departure: Circular urban metabolism and Parametric urban design
Related: Food, water, energy, waste

Circular Buiksloterham
The Feeding City

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