D. Maiullari

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Arch.Daniela Maiullari, PhD candidate


Daniela Maiullari investigates the role of urban morphological factors for the implementation of Energy Transition strategies.
The transition of cities towards a new sustainable energy vision involves technological transformations strongly related with changes in human behaviour and social-economic organization, as well as structural spatial changes at different scale levels.
In this context the Energy-Sensitive Urban Design approach focuses on interactions between design of urban space and development/application of new energy strategies in a long term sustainable perspective.

As graduation mentor, Daniela is interested in projects in research and design.
Possible thesis topics related to Daniela’s research are:

– Developing urban design proposal or regional strategies which utilise spatial potentials towards an Energy Transition Vision
– Morphological pre-conditions for space-energy integrate design of public space
– Designing with renewable energy resources
-Tools to map energy spatial potentials to reduce demand and to help the infiltration of  distributed energy generation measures

Possible case study is Almere (Floriade 2022),  or Bergen (NW) and Zurich (SW).

Departure: Energy Sensitive Urban Design , Morphology/ Patterns in Transition
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