Circular Buiksloterham

Buiksloterham is an area in the northern part of Amsterdam. The former industrial site is currently developed into a sustainable mixed use urban area. An organic transformation process is thereby replacing the traditional development process. Different combinations of living and working are allowed and encouraged. (Buiksloterham Municipal Website).

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The ambitions for this area are high: It should become a leading example for Circular City development in Amsterdam. To achieve this, a study was performed on how Buiksloterham can develop into a Circular, Biobased, and Smart neighborhood. This study was commissioned by a consortium of local stakeholders, including not only the municipality, but also a local housing cooperation, cultural institutions, designers and – last but not least – current and future local inhabitants. (Circular Buiksloterham: Report and Summary)

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The aims formulated in this report are followed up by an active local community, including the different institutional stakeholders, who commissioned the report. The cafe and workspace De Ceuvel is an example for the implementation of the circular vision for the area. Three “quarter makers” (kwartiermakers) coordinate and support the initiatives, which are part of the transition process. In specific board groups (Water Tafel, Afval Tafel, Energie Tafel, Zelfbouw Tafel), ideas and initiatives on implementing Circular Buiksloterham are discussed. Different projects and initiatives are visible on the Buiksloterham website.

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The AMS Institute actively participates in the development of Buiksloterham. The Living Lab Buiksloterham will connect different research projects around this area

Buiksloterham is an interesting case for future graduation projects. The existing studies can provide a good base for further research. The active community makes it easy to talk to different stakeholders and (future) inhabitants.

Contact: Ulf Hackauf